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Design Options

Your hunt wasn't boring and your trophy is one of a kind. Your taxidermy shouldn't be one size fits all. Look at some of the many options available to make your trophy an artistic piece to be displayed proudly for many years to come. 

*Options may be limited by supply availability

Horn Mount

a classic 

Available on plaque boards in a variety of finishes as well as rough cut cedar, mesquite, or oak. The mount can be covered in leather or tanned hide. Available for new mounts or to recover and re-mount older trophies for a refreshed look. 

European Mount

a unique look

An eye catching, edgy option. Available mounted on a finished plaque, rough cut board, or a one of a kind stump- creating a natural 'found' look. Additionally it can be mounted on a tabletop hanger, so consider your space and how you want to display your trophy. Add-ons include natural items like grasses or cactus, or barbed wire. 

Shoulder Mount

A statement piece

Shoulder mounts are statement pieces that will catch the eye of anyone that enters the room. They are available in a variety of poses (upright, semi-sneak, and full sneak) and facing either straight, left, or right. Additionally they can mount flush to the wall or offset in a pedestal wall mount style. There are also a wide variety of add on such as claw marks, bark backing, and natural items like grasses, cactus, and more. 


a splash of color

Bird hunting comes in such a variety of fashions, from upland quail hunting to lakeside duck hunting and beyond. Often, bird hunting is a group experience. Taxidermy can be a great way to always remember your time among friends  in the great outdoors. 


a walk on the wild side

Everything is bigger in Texas, including snakes. Add a wild touch to your collection with a life size snake, available in a variety of poses. 

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